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About the Routes to Remedy Toolkit 

The Routes to Remedy (R2R) Toolkit has been developed by the Business and Human Rights team at the United Nations Development Programme with support from the Government of Sweden. Global Rights Compliance provided technical support to develop the R2R Toolkit. 

The R2R Toolkit details the avenues to remedy, including grievance mechanisms and substantive remedies, at the disposal of defenders in seven selected jurisdictions and internationally.  It provides easy-to-use, step-by-step guidance on accessing remedy for business-related human rights impacts.

To ensure that the R2R Toolkit responds to the lived experiences of human rights defenders, it has been developed through consultations, safe space sessions and roundtable discussions with defenders and civil society organisations. 

B+HR Asia, United Nations Development Programme, Asia-Pacific 

The Business and Human Rights in Asia: Promoting Responsible Business Practices through Regional Partnerships (B+HR Asia) project, UNDP Asia-Pacific, supported by the Government of Sweden, strengthens momentum on business and human rights in Asia, with specific focus on Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam. B+HR Asia fosters partnerships with governments, civil society, human rights defenders, businesses, development partners and UN agencies to promote the business and human rights agenda in the region. 

B+HR Asia promotes awareness raising and capacity building on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights among business, and provides technical and advisory support to governments on the development and implementation of National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights. B+HR Asia supports human rights defenders and civil society organizations through regional dialogues and platforms to facilitate peer-learning and builds capacities through trainings, research and toolkits. 

Global Rights Compliance

Global Rights Compliance (GRC) is a not-for-profit specialising in international humanitarian, criminal and human rights law to address and alleviate acute humanitarian need. We operate in conflict-affected and high-risk areas around the world. We intervene and implement projects to prevent and remediate adverse human rights impacts in five key areas, including business and human rights.

GRC's Business and Human Rights Team works with civil society, state actors, companies and investors to address potential adverse human rights impacts resulting from business operations.