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What if I find an error on the Toolkit?

We encourage lawyers who find an error or are aware of legal amendments to contact us to have the issue amended/revised.

Is the information you provide up-to-date?

Our website is being regularly updated to follow legislative changes. Nonetheless, you should approach a lawyer or non-governmental organisation at the Resource Hub to ensure you are provided with full legal support. 

Who can support me?

If you are a human rights defender who has been attacked, different governmental and non-government organisations can provide you with financial, safety or legal support. You should see the list of resources available in our Resource Hub.

Who has created this website?

This website was created by Global Rights Compliance through a UNDP-funded project. 

Where can I find funding for my case? 

Funding can be a major issue and source of stress during your proceedings. Know that you are not alone and that different organisations can provide you with funds. For a list of organisations to contact, see the Resource Hub